Wednesday, August 11

Catching Up

Yesterday we put Brianna on the plane to Calgary, and she's off on her growing up and moving out adventure. She was having second thoughts at the last, wishing she had opted to move to Vancouver, where her older sister lives, and where her older brother will be come September. She has two good friends that moved with her, and I'm sure things will be okay. (And if they're not, she can just move home again, I guess.)

Youngest son's best friend Sam left this morning for a couple of weeks in Halifax. Yep, that's right--his sister and his best friend, all at once, and he's wondering how he's going to entertain himself. I've got chores for him, I tell him. For some reason, that's not considered a helpful suggestion. He'll be okay, though. He's got volleyball camp coming up next week, I think, and school starts before long.

Today is a rainy day, something we haven't had many of this summer. The beautiful sunny weather we had up until today was causing the forest fire situation to turn worse again, so the rain is an especially good thing. The nice weather also meant that all the things in the garden were ripening at once. We love fresh vegies, but there is a limit to the amount even vegie lovers can eat. I'm hoping the cooler wet weather will slow things down a bit, and I can leave few heads of broccoli and cauliflower there without harvesting them yet.

Boxes of peaches are cheap this week, so I'm hoping to get some and can them. We love home canned peaches, and they're fairly simple to do. (Not as simple as canning apricots, though, which I did a couple of weeks ago.)

That's enough of a ramble, and I'm off to accomplish something or other. Hopefully.