Monday, September 20

Biking Adventure

Youngest son's couple hour bike ride out in the Ibex valley with his friend and his friend's father yesterday afternoon turned out to be nearly a 7 hour ride instead, and he didn't return home until close to 11PM last night. They ended up cycling a good portion of the way back in the dark. Oldest son had just set out in the landcruiser to see if he could round them up when they passed him going the other way, back toward our house.

Younger son felt a bit tired, but mostly just really, really hungry. He spent close to an hour eating: a couple sandwiches, a couple granola bars, fruit juice popsicles (who knows how many!), a couple bowls of Cheerios, a peach, and a few carrots. So he didn't get to bed until after midnight, and I doubt that he fell asleep right away after all that excitement.

When I woke him for school this morning, he could barely get out of bed. He toyed with the idea of staying home half the day, but eventually got up and showered and made it out in time for the bus. He was complaining, but secretly pleased with himself, I think.

I wonder how he'll feel when that two hour volleyball practice rolls round this afternoon?