Thursday, September 16

They Always Get Their Dog

While I was busy watching that all-important hockey game, the local police were busy. Yes, I know I give the impression that everything is perfect here, but there is the occasional blotch on that perfection, and when that happens, we can trust our local RCMP detachment to nab the perpetrater. Tuesday evening a
pedestrian in a Whitehorse suburb was taken aback...when a black dog drove by in a red pickup truck.
So the good citizen did what any good citizen ought to do. He called the cops.
When RCMP arrived, the truck was in the middle of Thompson Road in Granger, blocking traffic. The dog was still behind the wheel.
Police speculate that the dog accidently knocked the truck into gear, and it rolled out down the street.
The RCMP went door-to-door in the neighbourhood and eventually found the owner. He was at a friend's house, watching Canada beat Finland in the World Cup hockey final.

There were no injuries or damages in the incident. Police did not say whether they plan to charge the owner.
Yes, but did they charge the dog for driving without a licence? Read the whole shocking story.