Wednesday, September 8

The Christian Carnival up at Fringe. There are some good posts in that bunch, and some I know I want to link. I haven't made it all the way through them, yet, so I'll wait till I'm done reading and then update this post.

Update: Some posts of note from the carnival.

Parableman takes a thoughtful look at God's declaration that human beings are made in his image, and how that relates to abortion.

Moving along, but keeping it in the family, Uncle Sam's Cabin has a post on singleness and sin that is also worthwhile reading. (I've been thinking I might venture into the subject of marriage some day, but the way things are going I might never get around to it. I'd like to approach it a little bit differently, though, and not deal so much with whether any individual's singleness might be a sin, but with the message the church, and those representing it (including parents) send to youngsters about about marriage. I'll give you a hint of what my opinion is: I think we've overdone the being cautious about marriage message, and the wait until you're mature message, and the "you will have to sacrifice within marriage" message.)

There are also a couple of good posts on children and families. Joe Missionary has written an article on The Myth of Quality Time. (I've alway thought that quality time only comes with hours of just being there. Quality time isn't something that can be written into our schedules; it comes to us serendipitously, within our quantities of time.)

My Domestic Church tells the story of her families camping trip in Making Memories. I loved this one because it reminded me of every single camping trip this family has ever taken: dirty, disorganized, wet, and a lot more expensive than anticipated. But oh so worth it!

Finally, check out the post at Bible Archive on what eternal life will be like.

Next week, the Christian Carnival will be right here! Exciting, eh?

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