Wednesday, October 13

Travelling Sons

Both of my sons are getting ready for trips. The youngest is leaving this afternoon for a weekend volleyball tournament in Calgary. We've been busy with all sorts of things that needed to be taken care of before he goes. He had a big paper that needed to be handed in this morning, so he had to finish that up last night. He did almost all of it himself, but I ended up typing the bibliography for him while he read off the things that needed to go in it. Otherwise, he was going to be up until midnight. He had to fit finish the paper up in between an hour and half volleyball practice and shopping for a complete outfit of dress clothes.

Yes, they are required to wear a dress shirt, dress pants and tie while travelling. It's a school tradition. We assumed he had suitable dress clotes already, until he tried his pants and shirt on after school. Ha! The sleeves on the shirt stopped halfway between his wrists and elbows, and the pants were more like very baggy capris. His tie was one of those boy-sized ties, and suddenly that was too small, too. So off we went to buy a whole new outfit. At 4:15pm, with volleyball practice starting at 5. And you know what? We did it. Found a nice black dress shirt, black pants, red and black and gray striped tie, bought them, and managed to get to volleyball practice early.

I have to pick him up from school at 11:30AM today, and then he'll pack and we'll run him across the highway to the airport. The nice thing about him having a tournament in Calgary is that he'll get to see his sister who is there. He might not care a whole lot that he sees her, but she cares a whole lot that she'll see him. She is homesick and misses her family. And it's nice that he'll have someone cheering him on at some of the games.

Oldest son is working hard to get himself ready to move to Vancouver. He's driving his landcruiser, and he's busy getting things all ready for the big trip down the highway. Today the truck is back at the painters for a bit of touch up. Then he needs to get the truck appraised and insured for whatever it's actually worth. Looking at his list of things to do before he goes, I'm guessing it'll be late next week before he's off.

So that's what's up with the guys. Around here on the blog, I plan for one more post on the attributes of God later this week, and then I think that series will be done. God's grace and mercy are what I have left to do, and I'm thinking I'll do them in one shebang. Then I plan to do something on how King James onlyism denies sola scriptura. I'm hoping I can enter that in the first League of Reformed Bloggers Carnival which is coming up at the first of next month. I also want to do a post highlighting posts from blogs in the blogroll, since I haven't done much linking to others lately. After this afternoon, I should have time for more time consuming posts.