Monday, November 22

Down My Street

This was the view down my street yesterday morning. You might think I'd get used to it--the first big snow fall--so that by now it would've become old hat. But it hasn't. Every year I'm surprised by the pure beauty of it.

Of course it meant that youngest son and I spent a couple of hours yesterday afternoon dealing with all that snow. We would've knocked half an hour off that time if we could've found the big snow shovel right away. We both looked, separately, in and around every out building we've got and came up empty. The problem was that the shovel was not stored right side up, but upside down, so while we were looking down at the floor for the big black plastic blade, we should've been looking up. Who'd have thought?

Now that I've made us both look entirely inept, I think I'll close.

It is beautiful, though, isn't it?