Thursday, November 18

I Love Rex Murphy

Yes, he's a bit odd. But he's got that perfect turn of phrase and the lovely accent that make him a joy to listen to even when I disagree with him. And I seem to be disagreeing with him less and less as the years roll by.

Here's Rex on the Carolyn Parrish fiasco:
Miss Parrish occasionally makes the claim that she's extending the debate, that she's standing up to the Americans and all sorts of noble stuff about the right to free speech. I don't know. "Idiots, damn Americans, I hate those bastards," that "22 Minutes" jig, these are words and actions that belong to the classroom show-off, the needy clown, attention getting by means of insult and crude display. They're nothing but "Look at me insulting George Bush and sticking it to the Yanks." It's juvenile, it's smug, and it's vulgar. It will amuse only very limited minds, and it will offend a great number of Americans, even those who do not support George Bush but who don't like to see their head of state derided by second rate comments and third rate stunts by one of our members of Parliament.

I don't want to see her muscled. Far from it. Let her continue to air her angry heart's content. The deeper embarrassment here is to herself, however long the realization is in coming.

Unfortunately, people like Miss Parrish never seem to clue in to how embarrassingly foolish they look.

(Today's newspaper tells me she's been turfed from caucus. At least now she can have her childish tantrums off center stage.)

[Update: The Crusty Curmudgeon adds more on C. P.'s lunacy.]

Here's more Rex, this time from the column of November 3, the day after the U.S. election:
I guess after last night, Canada will have to tighten up its cross-border security.

There are so many luminaries of Hollywood and other distinguished social climes, who were declaring before the election, that they would have to flee a Bush-darkened America, should the President win re-election, that I guess we're in for a windfall, so to speak, of the enlightened.

We may get Michael Moore, which would surely add a bright bulb to our cultural firmament.
What can I say? I love Rex Murphy.