Saturday, November 6

Dragging out the Parka

It's that time of the year again. Up until today, I was still wearing my fall and light winter coats, but I awoke this morning to a voice on the radio announcing that it was -20C (That's -4 for the Farenheit version onlyists.). So I got up and started a fire, and now I'm going to get my parka out of the winter clothes closet, and maybe my warm boots, too, and run out and start the cars so it can warm up before I go grocery shopping.

It's so cold that the Weather Underground button on my sidebar seems to have frozen at 6:55 yesterday evening.

I like winter, you know, but I would be willing to wait until December for this sort of stuff.

[Changed my photo to a picture in my winter parka. It seemed more appropriate than that one taken on the deck in the summer.]