Monday, November 29

Mailing Jam and Unrelated Gibberish

I went to a post office today to mail some strawberry-rhubarb jam to a relative in the states. Guess what I found out? Since August, mailing any food to the states has not been allowed, with the exception of home made goodies. My jam could go, because I'd made it myself, but if I'd wanted to send Kinder Surprise Eggs, or a box of Smarties, or any of the many good treats we have here that the people in the states must do without, I wouldn't have been able to.

It's all part of the new security measures put in place--an anti-terrorist measure. I'm not sure exactly how this works as part of the protective plan. Apparently the assumption is that terrorist never bake. Or something. I thought it was bad enough when they confiscated the dog's food at the border last time we visited. Now, I suppose, they'll want my food, too.

I'm not one of those early Christmas decorators. I love Christmas decorations...for about two weeks. Then I begin to hate the clutter and the needles and all the shiny stuff, and I get an irresisible urge to throw it all out and power vacuum. I wait to decorated, then, so that when Christmas comes, I'm not yet at my wit's end, but still enjoying the baubles. You can call me a big party pooper, if you want.

I usually post the instructions for entering the Christian Carnival on Monday, but I've not received the email yet, so I'm in the still in the dark as to the details for entering this week. If you know, will you post something in the comments to let me know, too?

And just to make this post even more confusing, tell me, how do you spell this word: judgement or judgment? Which is right? Does it matter?