Sunday, January 23

Blogroll Quiz

We haven't done one of these in a while. Take the quiz. Clicking on the link to find the answer is not cheating.

1. Recently, Tim of Mission Safari has been
  • a. climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro
  • b. on a medical mission in Sri Lanka
  • c. catching up on his reading.
  • d. none of the above.

2. Recently, William Meisheid of Beyond the Rim has not been
  • a. eating.
  • b. showering.
  • c. blogging.
  • d. all of the above.

3. Marla of Proverbial Wife doesn't understand
  • a. how people can deny our sinful nature.
  • b. how evil came to be in a world created by a good God.
  • c. geometry
  • d. all of the above.

4. Mr. Standfast is composing poetry about
  • a. books.
  • b. the big storm.
  • c. SpongeBob.
  • d. none of the above.

5. When Eric Svendsen of Real Clear Theology reads Numbers 12:3, he
  • a. chuckles.
  • b. feels more humble than Moses.
  • c. thinks of SpongeBob.
  • d. none of the above.

How'd you do?