Thursday, January 20

Celebrating Robbie: Recipes for Haggis

I know you are all getting ready for your Burns Supper, which is traditionally celebrated on or around January 25th, the birthday of the bard, so why don't I help you out a bit with a recipe for that traditional Robbie Burns Night dish: the ever-mysterious haggis.

For those of you of an especially sensitive nature, let me warn you that the recipe begins like this:
Clean a sheep's pluck thoroughly. Make incisions in the heart and liver to allow the blood to flow out, and parboil them, letting the windpipe lie over the side of the pot to permit the phlegm and blood to disgorge from the lungs....
Now you can pick yourself up off the floor, for the worst is over. Click the link to read the rest.

For those of you who have no qualms about throwing tradition to the wind, here's a recipe for bagless haggis. And for the anarchists, rabble-rousers, rebels and malcontents among us, how about these instructions for cooking up vegetarian haggis?

Of course, I am going traditional all the way. Right now I'm off to find a sheep to pluck.