Monday, January 17

It's My Blogday!

Yes, it was exactly one year ago today that this blog began with this post. I think Mr. Standfast was the very first person to leave me a comment. I suspect he found my blog almost by accident.

So how does one celebrate the first year anniversary of a blog? Is there protocol? Maybe I'll just tell you quickly what some of my favorite post are so we can head right for the cake and ice cream.

Most of my favorite posts are theological in nature. They are usually the ones I worked the hardest on and stewed the longest over. Here are a few of the theological sort that I like most. (You'll see that I'm partial to the series.)
I suppose I have to include some personal type posts, too.
And I like the list type posts.
  • Here's What To Do With A Reluctant Reader, which was a lot of fun to put together.

  • So was this one on potty training. For a long time I was right at the top in most of the search engines for potty training advice as well, and that's probably the single most popular individual entry page at this site. I'm chuckling at that even as I type this. Dishing out potty training tips is not the sort of thing I ever imagined I'd be known for! So far, no one has asked for their money back per the guarantee.

Okay, enough of my self-indulgent reminiscing. Let's eat!

Listening to Franck's "Panis angelicus" by Cecilia Bartoli from A Hymn for the World.