Tuesday, January 18

Exciting New Draw

Tim Challies--the master of the giveaway--is at it again. This time the prize is a 2 disc DVD from Monergism Books:

Amazing Grace

Click on the link in the banner above to enter. You don't need to be a blogger; you just need to have an email address. If you encourage all your friends to sign up, maybe you can all watch it together if any one of you wins. Don't let this wonderful opportunity pass you by!

For more info on the DVD's, including a couple of lengthy video clips, go here.

Any of you locals who win, you will let me borrow it, right?

In related news, Jollyblogger has designated Monergism Books as the official book supplier of the League of Reformed Bloggers. (I see they have a flat rate shipping fee of $10.00 for global priority mail, which is a pretty good deal.)