Saturday, January 1

Looking Forward

I suppose this is the day for it. Here are a couple of the things I have planned for the blog in the days and weeks and months ahead:
  • Wink is posting at Parableman on why he doesn't think the atonement was substitutionary. I'm hoping to respond to that in the next few days, and if I can manage a reply that's longer than typical comment length, I'll post it here.

  • I've purchased a book by one of the open theist apologists, and I plan to read it and respond to some of the arguments here.

  • I wanted to post something on the hypostatic union in the days before Christmas, but thing just got too busy. I may still post on that subject as well.

  • Robbie Burns Day is coming up toward the end of January. I'm going to declare January "Robbie Burns Month", and post the occasional bit from the bard.

Here's how you readers can help in the running of the blog:
  • If you've got an idea for the Only in the Yukon photo series, let me know. Some of you live here. Surely you have ideas, or even your own digital photos you'd be willing to share. (You'd be given full credit for your ideas/photos, of course.)

  • I consider most of my posts unfinished, so I like getting your feedback and changing things or adding links based on your input. Comment, comment, comment; add, add, add!

  • Suggestions of sermons and hymns for Sunday's Hymn and Sermon are always welcome, too. If you are unsure whether I've already used something, you can do a search of the title in the Blogger search window at the top of the page. If I've mentioned it, it'll show up.

  • If you've got a favorite Robert Burns poem, for goodness sake, lad or lass, suggest it!