Thursday, January 27

Round the Sphere Again

  • The Christian Carnival is now up at Digitus, Finger & Co. (I didn't enter this week. I've decided I won't enter every week, mostly because the carnival is getting so large. It looks like others may have decided to do the same things, as the carnival went from 50+ entries last week to 34 this week. Thirty-four, it seems to me, is just about the perfect number of entries. I should be able to read all the ones that interest me before the next one comes out!)

  • If you haven't been reading Mission Safari, you should be. Tim was on a medical relief mission to a tsunami refugee camp, and he's been telling us his stories. He just finished up that series with a post about A Man Named LAL.

    Now Tim is back in Kenya, and he's been visiting the slums in Nairobi. Yesterday he went to an area of the Kiberia slums called Silanga, which is, strangely enough, Swahili slang for Sri Lanka. Tim tells us why, in many ways, things are worse in Silanga than they were in the refugee camp in Sri Lanka:
    To be honest, the sights and smells of Silanga were far worse than what I experienced in Sri Lanka. The open sewage, the poverty, and the ever present faces of AIDS were more overpowering than the refugee camp. As I made my home visits and saw the slowly developing signs of AIDS, I realized that I was in a disaster zone. But this was like a tsunami in slow motion.
    Read all of A Tsunami in Slow Motion.

  • Tim of The Irvins is continuing his series on the names of God with Jehovah-shalom and Jehovah-raah.

  • Jollyblogger is experimenting with his church's website, using a blog format. It looks like it works pretty well to me, and it would certainly make it easy to update things. Check it out and see what you think.

  • And while we're on the subject, did you know that the term "jolly beggars" comes originally from Robert Burns?
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