Saturday, January 29

What the Blog World Really Needs

Okay, we've been dancing around the issue, but no one wants to come out and say it. What we really need is a proof reader for the blogosphere. Unfortunately, Laurie seems to be backing away from her original idea so we'll have to look elsewhere, I guess.

The issue came to the forefront today when a few of us ganged up on a certain well-known blogmeister with our corrections. I'm suggesting as a solution that we form an official group of blog correctors. (Goodness knows, the job is too enormous for only one person!) We could call them the Blog Typo Police.

Think what a difference it would make to have someone to call in those typo emergencies. It would mean that my blog would no longer sit for a whole day with a big typo in the middle of a title.

Of course, I can't volunteer to run the group. My past criminal history as a typo queen disqualifies me. Not only was there that nasty incident yesterday, but just last week I accidently published an unedited draft and was forced to let it sit there unedited for several hours when Blogger refused to let me make corrections. You didn't know I had such a dark past, did you? Actually, you probably do, because you saw it all unfold right there before your very eyes.

If you didn't notice, then don't volunteer for the Typo Squad. If you did, you might want to consider the Blog Typo Police to be your calling. And what could be more fun that issuing official typo citations?