Friday, February 25

The Puritans: From William Guthrie

From a sermon on Ps. xlv. 11; preached Aug. 17, 1657.

Of Him, Through Him, to Him.

The first failing in our duty is in this, we forget that God is the Lord; especially in one of these three respects -

  • That of Him are all things. It is He that must prescribe laws, and He that must give knowledge of and respect unto these laws. And He it is whose breath and influence alone make dead dry bones live and move. 0, what holy, awful dependency would be on Him in all things, natural and spiritual, if this were believed! But the faith of it must be from Him also.

  • That through Him are all things. When He hath set them on foot, they cannot continue in their being but through Him, and as they are and have sparkles of His image, and are fluttered over by that Spirit that moved on the waters. 0, what self-denial, and adhering to Him, would be here in things which are, as well as in things which are not; for what is, it is as in Him, whence, if it depart, it is nothing, if not worse.

  • That to Him are all things. Not only is He the last end for whom all things are made, and towards whom they do drive; but the proper end of each being is that God may be made manifest. He will, by all things that are, whatsoever they be, some one way or other appear to be what He is; so that whatsoever is be, some must be to His account and behoof. 0, what abstractedness from your created ends and designs, and what reverent submission to His will, would be in men, if folk did practically believe this!
    Study to know Him, in these three respects to be the Lord. It shall contribute much for your duty.

    Biography of William Guthrie.

    The picture is of the inside of Fenwick Church where Guthrie preached.
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