Tuesday, February 15

Round the Sphere Again

  • From Charlie of Another Think:
    .... Jesus calls us to become first-citizens of his kingdom. In fact, he challenges us to carry his kingdom back home with us. We're to be like yeast in bread dough, change-agents in our home turf.

    If the Kingdom of God feels perfectly comfortable, perhaps you've never learned to speak the language. Perhaps you've never actually crossed the border.
    Read the rest of Cross-cultural Faith.

  • James White links to a debate done in 1985 between Greg Bahnsen and athiest Gordon Stein. It's long, the sound quality isn't that great, but it's certainly more than worth the work it takes to listen to it. I promise.

  • My days of parenting the wee ones are over--and if you must know, I was a marsupial mom, a constant packer of the littlest guy. I'm none the worse for it, and my children are better for it. Thankfully, I didn't have to contend with the likes of Gary Ezzo and his parenting philosophy, but if you're still finding your way through the parenting advice maze, you might find Tulipgirl's series of posts on Gary Ezzo useful to you. Here are the first two: What Ezzo Says About Me. . . and What Ezzo Says About My Kids. . ..

  • If you want my opinion, I think I'd have preferred just a picture of the flower. [Hat tip: The Evangelical Outpost.]
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