Tuesday, March 22

Red Lake School Shootings

This all took place really close to my old stomping grounds, and it's all very shocking to me. I recognize some of the common surnames. Here is a list of those killed and wounded.

Some friends we had when we lived in Thompson, Manitoba left in the middle of the year for teaching jobs at the Red Lake High School. They've long since gone elsewhere, though, finding life and work on the reservation difficult.

I'm a bit annoyed by those who seem to be jumping to the conclusion that the lack of media attention--in comparison to the minute by minute, all as it unfolds reports with Columbine, I guess--is because those involved are Indian. The reservation is a sovereign nation, and the borders were closed to the media. This made getting pictures for television coverage impossible, and you can't show what you don't have. [Update, March 23 : There are still tight controls by the band on journalists covering the story. I'm not objecting. It might be a wise move.]

[Update, March 23: The Center for Indian Ministries is a misson outreach associated with the Christian college I attended, the same college where my dad is still teaching one class. They have an outreach on the Red Lake Reservation, including this couple working at this church. I'll be praying that God uses these people to bring the gospel of hope in these tragic circumstances.]

[Update, March 23: Info on the two most severly injured survivors: Wounded boys fight to survive.]

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