Thursday, March 10

Sea of Red Serge

Today was the day of the memorial service for the four constables killed in the line of duty last Thursday.

From Rex Murphy: A hard and bitter day.
[This] tragedy is a bitter tribute to the RCMP, but it is a tribute nonetheless to both their competence and their professionalism, that this is the worst thing that has befallen the force in over 120 years. A century and 20 years. That record is exceptional. I dare to guess that there is probably no other armed police service on the planet that has gone so long with such care and success....

The families of the officers killed must know how broad and deep is the sympathy that the whole country turns on them today. A grief shared is in some sense a grief divided, and while sympathy will not — it cannot — take away the fierce sting of the loss of loved ones and family, it can and does place a little light in a dark moment.

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