Thursday, April 28

Escarpment Stairway

There's been a big improvement on the trail I take when I walk to and from downtown. They've built a stairway on the clay cliffs.

This is a big improvement over the old path down the cliff, especially in the winter when going down often involved holding on to saplings for dear life or sliding down on one's backside.

The only problem with the new stairway is that many dogs refuse to use the metal grate stairs. I have to let mine off leash and she runs down on the outside of the railing, pausing at each landing to peek through the railings to make sure I'm still there with her. We met another golden today who was scared to do either--use the stairs or leave her owner and run along the side. When we came, she was happy enough to follow my dog down the side and the problem was solved.

Want to see what the trail looked like last year without the stairs? Check out the fifth photo in this post.

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