Wednesday, April 6

Round the Sphere Again

  • This week's
    Christan Carnival can be found at Proverbs Daily.
    New Christian Blog Showcase is at

  • On science:
    A Review of "The Soul of Science" by Pearcey and Thaxton by Jollyblogger.

    Catez of Allthings2all comments on some of the ideas presented in Jollyblogger's review.

  • From A Physicist's Perspective: Total Truth and evangelism. David tells us why he doesn't think that showing people that their world view is inconsistent is always the best method of evangelism.

  • Need a chuckle? Try This Month in Contemporary Christian Music History from The Sacred Sandwich. (Deep question: Is that title oxymoronic? Can anything contemporary have a history?)

  • And just what everyone wants their city to be known for--the highest gas prices in Canada.

  • Like planes? Here are some interesting aviation photos from Murray Lundberg.

  • On the search query front this week: mostly boring, boring, boring.

    Why would someone want more info on the "mythbusters glasses"? Hoping to make a daring fashion statement, perhaps?

    And to the person who came here looking for help in "eliminating dandelions", here's some free gardening advice: any other result to your query will be more helpful than this site. If you don't believe me, come back and look at my yard in July.
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