Wednesday, April 20

Round the Sphere Again

  • The 66th Christian Carnival is now up at Pseudo-Polymath. The entries are organized to parallel an order of worship. The post I entered is in the Communion section.

  • Have you checked out the poetry carnival at Siris yet? Here it is.

  • Junk mail, according to Jared, just gets trickier and trickier. Check out the photos and see what you think.

  • Catez of Allthings2all is doing a series reviewing the book Total Truth by Nancy Pearcey, a book I've been thinking I ought to read. Here's Part 1. [Update, April 21: Part 2 is now posted.]

    [Others who have reviewed this book include Tim Challies, who says it just may be "life-changing", and David Mobley from A Physicist's Perspective, who has three posts on the book--a positive review, along with a a couple of posts that look more closely at a couple of issues raised in the book: Total Truth and evangelism and Total Truth and the church.]

  • The winner of this week's weird search engine query is "how not to influence others". Yep, there's a person who sets their goals high!
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