Thursday, May 19

Baby Picture

What could possibly be cuter than this?

He's a little muskox named Chance. Chance is only a couple of weeks old, and he was found abandoned along an ice road outside Cambridge Bay, Nunavut. He'll be coming here to the Yukon Wildlife Preserve, where he'll join four other baby muskox (or is it muskoxen?) and fifteen adults.

From CBC News:
The muskox was weak when they found him and his herd was nowhere to be found, said Joann Laserich, who gave Chance his name.

"When he's following you up a little hill and he's crying and he's hungry and he wants to be fed, we couldn't turn our back," she said.

"He wants the chance to live, otherwise he wouldn't have followed us, he wouldn't have cried."
Sounds sweet, doesn't he? You can see another picture of Chance and read more about him here.

And while we're on the subject, just what is a muskox? Where in tarnation do they live? And is that shaggy coat good for anything? Find answers to all your pressing muskox questions here.

[Update, Sunday, May 22: Chance has arrived.]