Thursday, May 19

Round the Sphere Again

  • This week's Christian Carnival is up at A Penitent Blogger.

  • The Out of the Wilderness new blog showcase is back at

  • Aaron Shavaloff has John Piper mp3s not usually available elsewhere.

  • Eric Svendsen adds one more to his Lord's supper series this week: Where Did We Ever Get the Notion That the Lord's Supper is a Funeral Procession? (Part 6).
    As we saw in our previous installment of this series, one of the main reasons evangelical churches treat the Lord's Supper as a solemn event is its supposed focus as a memorial of Christ's death. We looked at the evidence against that view from the Scriptures themselves as well as from the testimony of the early church. The other reason for the solemn mood at the Lord's Supper comes from an idiosyncratic reading of 1 Cor 11:27-32...
    I've linked the the previous posts in this series here.

  • [Updated to add these links on HIV in Africa (recieved via email from Kevin): was so much more comfortable to think it was all unsafe sex.]

  • [Update 2: Jollyblogger on a subject dear to my heart: The Centrality of Learning to the Christian Faith.]

  • Feeling stupid because you can't figure out what in tarnation's going on in the Canadian parliament? Or maybe you didn't even know anything is going on in parliament. Let Brandon help you out: A Brief Guide to Current Canadian Politics.

  • Or maybe it's the crusades that confuse you: The Real History of the Crusades. [Update 3: Scott G. point us to another article on the crusades, an "especially perceptive" one by Jonathan Riley-Smith: Rethinking the Crusades.]

  • Oofda! Via Brandywine Books.

  • And while we're on the subject of all good thing Norwegian, how did I miss Syttende Mai?
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