Saturday, May 28

Come for Morning Coffee

Make it quick. We're off to garage sales in a few minutes.

[Update: As requested, a list of our garage sale loot:
  • Oldest son got something for his winch that he's excited about. Don't ask me what it is. It's green, if that helps.
  • I got a chenille bedspread--used to be red, but it's faded quite nicely to a mellow pinky red. It has a small rip or two, but I'm going to cover some cushions with pieces of it.
  • A book on herbs. One of those coffee table, big photo types.
  • A Laura Ashley decorating book. Lots of photos, very little text.
  • A book of classic fairy tales. I know, you've seen my basement, and you know how old my kids are, and you're wondering if I've gone nuts. Maybe, but this book has beautiful illustrations, and a wonderfully illustrated jacket. It's a decorating item, okay?
  • A cute little cushion made from fabric with various biplanes on it.
  • One of those quilted pillow covers--you know, the ones like mattress pads. Every item can't be interesting.

That's it for today. It wasn't the greatest haul, but if I had great hauls every Saturday, we'd have no place to sit.]

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