Friday, May 6

Paula Responds to My Challenge use all the words in our Words We Love list. From Paula:
Oh, fiddlesticks, Rebecca, it would be inconceivable and even shocking for me to turn down the challenge of creating a post using the musical language provided here by so many.

Indeed, my perlustration has given me the opportunity to use not only impressive words like 'syncretic,' but allow me to combine them all into an artwork - almost ethereal in nature - that dances with syzygy.

Knowing of course that a comment post is like a spider web - diaphanous, insignificant, and ephemeral (except to the one who creates it) - I still hope that people won't find me a prig for attempting the challenge or decide it's all codswollop. I wouldn't become cantankerous or act the curmudgeon for it, but would find it unfathomable that they could be flabbergasted and flummoxed at my little game.

I have been unable to discover an intelligent way to use the word 'gnu' in a sentence in this literary genius, so this post, albeit wordy and just as much yours as mine, is finished.

Great Zarking Fardwarks! Someone get me an Excedrin; I have a splitting headache!
What can I say to that performance? Give the girl some applause!

And an Excedrin.

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