Wednesday, May 4

Round the Sphere Again: Section 1

I've collected so many links over the past week that I'm posting two sections of Round the Sphere.

  • This week's Christian Carnival is up at Kentucky Packrat. Head on over for some good reading!

  • This is a blog by a fellow Yukoner (for a year, anyway) with some great photos of life here. (And I noticed when I when I linked up there today that the most recent post's subject is ANWR.)

  • Don't you think that Queen Jezabel knew exactly what Jehu was coming to do in 2 Kings 9? I think she knew her days were numbered and this was the last one. But the Bible tells us that "When Jezebel heard the news, she put on some eye liner, fixed up her hair, and leaned out the window."

    If you're a woman, you probably understand her motives perfectly: This woman didn't want to be caught dead without her makeup on. From Andre Seu of World Magazine: Beauty at any price.

  • Joost Nixon points out in Credenda Agenda that blogging ought to be "governed by the same biblical principles that govern our speech" in Blogitelling.

  • Joe Missionary collects links to Cool and Fun Blog Tools.

  • This from Liquid Paper made me laugh. It sounds like Laurie's home is almost as crazy as my own. Here in this house, the most common conversation opener is "Did you know....?"

  • From Ian McKenzie: A link to the Ontario government's award winning youth anti-smoking Lots of bells and whistles on that page.
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