Tuesday, June 14

Blog Talk: Blogroll News

  • I've added a blogroll of Local Yokels to the sidebar. It's short because I haven't been able to find a many blogs done by people from the Yukon that are kept up to date and are of general interest. All three blogs on the new blogroll have interesting photos of northern life.
    • yukon pics is the photo blog of Andrew Hoshkiw. This blog features photos of Yukon culture and more. Of course, my favourite photo is this one of puppies.
    • And while we're on the subject of dogs, check out Wandering Spirits Kennels blog, described as "the life and times of a house full of rescued animals and their humans."
    • I've featured logcabinlog before. More good photos of life in the Yukon.

  • Adrian Warnock is announcing an upcoming major overhaul in the Blogdom of God Alliance. He has 2500 names [Updated to 3500 names] on his list and is asking
    for lists of URLs of Christian blogs to be sent to me- if anyone is willing to collate such a list and roughly check it before sending it on that would be great, otherwise just tell them to send lists straight to me. I am much keener to receive lists rather than individual blogs for obvious reasons.

    Don't worry, all the blogs on the list will not appear on the Blogdom of God blogroll you have linked on your blog, only the first 250. Have other questions? Check out the linked posts.
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