Thursday, June 9

Boo Who?

What could possible be cuter than Chance, the baby muskox?

How about Chance, the baby muskox and his best friend Boo, the caribou?
Chance, the young muskox found abandoned near Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, rescued and brought to the Yukon Wildlife Preserve, has made a friend in Boo, the caribou.

The two animals would never mingle in the wild. Now they share a pen at the preserve.

...Now, if the two are separated....they have a fit and their crying can be heard all over the preserve.

Little Chance and little Boo will stay together for the rest of the summer and then they'll each be placed with a herd of their own species.

[Update: There's another article about the friendship in the Whitehorse Star.

And for the locals, there's an opportunity to see Chance and Boo during this weekend’s free open house at the wilderness preserve. Saturday and Sunday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. are the hours. The Wildlife Preserve (you know, the old Game Farm) is located off the Takhini Hot Springs Road.]

Find out more about the Yukon Wildlife Preserve.

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