Saturday, June 4

What's Your SQ?

To find out, take the Systemizing Quotient test. I took it and scored a 61. Bottom line? That means I'm very weird.

For those who care about such things, there's an Empathy Quotient test, too. I scored 44 on that. Bottom line? That means I'm sort of nice.

(I'd take those scores, particularly that last one with a grain of salt. I had a really hard time knowing how to answer the questions. Where's the answer for something in between slightly and strongly agree or disagree? On the Systemizing Quotient test, I had an easier time because I was surer of my answers, since I definitely agreed or disagreed with the statements more often.)

If you take both tests, you can find out your brain type. I'm an extreme type S. Bottom line? That means I have a male brain. An extremely male brain.

At least it a sort of nice male brain.

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