Wednesday, June 1

Round the Sphere Again

It's going to be a short trip round the sphere this week. I've been busier than usual and haven't collected many links.

  • This week's Christian Carnival is at A Physicist's Perspective. Go on over and check it out. You'll find lots of reading there.

  • has a list of reasons our prayers might be hindered.

  • Sven gives us a spelling lesson. I could have used something like this for the word "sovereignty" yesterday. BTW, did you know that it can rightly be spelled sovranty, too. I'm tempted to go with that, but then I'd look like an idiot (or weird!).

  • Ian has more lego on his desk. I don't know how he finds room for that whole orchestra and this, too.

  • Phil Johnson (You might be familiar with his Spurgeon Archive or massive list of bookmarks with flashing lights.) has started a blog called Pyromaniac. He explains the reasons for the name here. And he's lighting matches already.
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