Monday, June 20

Christian Carnival: This Week's Entry Info

Tomorrow night (June 21) at midnight EST is the deadline for this week's Christian Carnival entries. Send your submission to the Christian Carnival email addy: ChristianCarnival [ATT] gmail [DOTT] com. In your email include

  • the name of your blog
  • the URL of your blog
  • the title of your post
  • the URL of your post
  • a short description of your post

    Then expect to see your submission posted in Wednesday's (June 22) Christian Carnival at In the Spirit of grace. Dee says she's
    planning something really fun this week - I want to do the Christian carnival in true artistic style - hopefully, it will all come together as I see it now.
    I'll admit she has me curious! Why don't you enter something, and then on Wednesday you'll be able so see your post artistically displayed?

    You can find more detailed participation instructions here.
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