Thursday, June 30

Top 100 Lists: Bugs, Birds, and Fish

  • The Top 100 Insect Sites. I once had a bug collection, and I like insects almost as much as I like snakes. If you want to see Norwegian butterfly photos, you need an atlas of Siberian spiders, or you just want insect magnets for your fridge (Even I don't understand the appeal of the cockroach magnets!), you'll find it on this list.

  • The Top 100 North American Birding Hotspots. You could always use this list for planning your travel itenerary.

  • The Top 100 Canadian Fishing Sites. Hungry for fishing facts? (Did you know that the chinook salmon is on the U.S. endangered species list? Or that the largest chinook salmon caught was 97 lbs.?) Maybe you just want to go fishing in New Brunswick. If it's fish related, you'll find it somewhere on this list of 100 sites.

  • Unfortunately, I could find no list of top 100 snake sites or it'd be right here.
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