Tuesday, June 28

A Fish Story

Sunday afternoon, the boys and a friend tied the canoe to the top of the Landcruiser, packed their lunches and the dog, and headed out out behind Grey Mountain to Cantlie Lake. My oldest son read somewhere that Cantlie Lake can only be reached by ATVs, and rather than taking that as a warning, he took it as a challenge.

And they did make it there. It took a while--they had to use the winch a few times--but they managed to make it in to the lake and back out again. They arrived home after midnight, dirty and tired with this fish story to tell.

Friend had been fishing down the shore a bit from them. They could still see him, but it was far enough away that he had to yell for them to hear him.

Friend caught an Artic char, and as he started to take it off his line, he yelled down to my sons to ask how big it had to be before he could keep it. Oldest son was just getting ready to yell back "Eight inches" when he changed it to "Hold on to your rod!" He had only shouted a couple of the words before a huge bald eagle--close to 3 feet tall, they thought--swooped down and swiped the fish, which was still on the line. Friend managed to hold onto his rod, the line snapped, and the eagle flew off with the char. Later, as they were walking back around the lake, they stumbled across the lure on the shore.

I've have a wedding story too, but that'll have to wait until the last of the company leaves. Meanwhile, here's a photo of some people paragliding from the Dome in Dawson at midnight on the day of the summer solstice.

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