Monday, June 20

Top 100 Lists: 100 Worst Books

I suppose if I'm posting lists of the best books, in the interest of fairness I ought to give lists of the worst books equal time. So here it is, The 100 Worst Books of the 20th Century.

What say ye? Any of your favorite books there? Any books not on the list that you think should be?

[Update: Scott G. wants to add
Alfred Kinsey's Sexual Behavior in the Human Male. Kinsey's statistical techniques alone render the book's "findings" completely worthless, except perhaps as an example of how not to do statistics. Yet it was immensely influential. Kinsey said what people at the time wanted to hear, even though it was bogus.]

Like top 100 lists? Then stick around for the rest of the month of June because I'll be posting several more of them.

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