Wednesday, June 22

Round the Sphere Again

  • This week's Christian Carnival is at In the Spirit of Grace. It's all done up in a road trip theme, so make sure you check that out.

    Here are some things I found especially interesting in my blog reading this week:

  • Al Mohler writes on "A Generous Orthodoxy"--Is It Orthodox?

  • Allthings2all gives us The Effective Gospel as a followup to two posts on using our brains: A Missed Opportunity - or Why We Should Use Our Brains and So Why Did God Give Us An Intellect? .

  • At, suggestions for an eight part test to determine music appropriate for the worship service.

  • The Presbyterian Church in America General Assembly recently voted down a resolution to encourage all its members and officers to remove their children from public schools. Here are two different takes on that:
  • Adrian Warnock continues to post answers to ESV translation questions: How did you determine the Greek text used for translation?, How extensive will the upcoming review of the ESV be?, and "Extra" verses - how did you decided what to do with them?

  • Mark. D. Roberts posts Some Thoughts on Boycotts.
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