Wednesday, July 20

Meme: What's on the Nightstand?

I've been tagged for this meme by Norma. I've decided to answer the question by taking a photo of my nightstand.

There you go.
  1. A lamp I bought at a garage sale several years ago.
  2. A jewelry box made for me by my husband before we were married. It was a project for a woodworking class.
  3. A book: Beyond the Shadowlands by Wayne Martindale.
  4. Three magazines: House Beautiful--the British edition, which is much better than the American one, if you ask me; Country Living--on this one the American edition is tops; and Burda--you know, the German magazine with all the wonderful sewing patterns in the middle.
  5. The T.V. remote control.
  6. A yellow highlighting marker. This one is really old. How old? Well, it's been decorated with a glue stick and glitter by one of my children, and my youngest is 15.
  7. A clock radio.
  8. Two jars of coins, along with a quarter, a nickel, and a penny lying loose.
  9. A little Lego basketball the cat was batting around my bedroom.
  10. A tube of tear gel. The eye doctor says I need to use it every night.
  11. Fingernail polish remover and 5 jars of fingernail polish. I never, ever do my nails--I'd like too, but that's a whole lot of work for something that lasts about half an hour--but I did paint my toenails in order to wear sandals to the wedding I went to last month. I really ought to put that stuff away!
What's on your nightstand? If you'd like to do this meme, leave a comment and consider yourself tagged.

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