Thursday, August 4

The Unfortunate Sugar Incident

I used up all the sugar we had left in the blueberry pie I made yesterday, so I bought a 10kg bag when I was at the grocery store today. I went to the checkout and started unloading my groceries onto the counter. Five or six items, and then the bag of sugar. The bag of sugar felt strangely light, so I looked down and there was about 1/3 of the sugar in a pile on the floor and on my feet, which were, by the way, wearing sandals. Sure enough, another third was spread out over the rest of the groceries in the cart. And the bag on the counter was slowly emptying what was left onto the belt.

The clean up crew was called, and a crew was needed. One to clean the counter, one to sweep the floor, one to fetch another bag of sugar, and a couple more just to look on and say, "Oooooohhhh...."

I'd planned to do other shopping, but I decided to cut things short. Imagine you squeezed a whole bottle of Aunt Jemima's Maple-flavored Syrup on your feet and then let it dry. That's what my feet felt like, and I decided a good foot wash was more important than any remaining shopping I had to do.

I may never again pick up a bag of sugar without just a twinge of apprehension.

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