Wednesday, August 31

What Could I Say

that hasn't already been said?

From the blogroll:

  • Katrina's Devastations and Emergency Morality from Siris.

  • shocking from promptings. Violet's daughter has a friend who has been staying in the Superdome.

  • Cindy of Notes in the Keys of Life tells us that today is a day of prayer for the residents of New Orleans.

  • "New Orleans is Lost" from Magic Statistics.

  • It all makes Marla thankful for every moment of life.

  • George Grant says Katrina is an opportunity for the local church to show Good Samaritan faith.

    [Update: See the Disaster Relief Roll over there in the sidebar? I got the code for it here at Blogotional. John also has info about tomorrow (Thursday, Sept. 1) being Hurricane Katrina: Blog For Relief Day.]

    [Update 2: Wrestling with the question "Why?":
    [Update 3, September 1:
  • The Brokeness of Nature: A Sad Reminder from Mark D. Roberts, whose suggested relief organization is Presbyterian Disaster Assistance.

  • Staving Off Death With Stories from J. Mark Bertrand, who suggests giving to The Red Cross or PCA's Mission to North America Disaster Response.

  • Starving for Spiritual Food, Too... from Fallible]

    Be merciful, even as your Father is merciful. (Luke 6: 36 ESV)
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