Thursday, September 22

Curious Queries

I've been collecting interesting search queries all week to use in my weekly Round the Sphere post, and then I fizzled out last night and didn't include them. So here they are.

wanda petronski. I include this only because I know who she is, and I'm curious to see if anyone else does. If you know Wanda Petronski, please say so.

reasons actions dealing regular people caused everyday problems. This is just one of those weird ones that make you wonder what the person was really looking for and why they thought using all those words would help. By the way, regular people cause everyday problems around here all the time. For reasons unknown to me, for instance, oldest son left all the lights on in the garage last night. I took action, however, and roused him from his snooze on the couch to remind him of the everyday problem he'd caused, and he dealt with it.

top ten reasons to live in minnesota. I imagine they are not all that different from the Top Ten Reasons to Live in the Yukon, although you'd have to remove "it never gets muggy" and "you only need one licence plate" from the list. But of course you could replace those items with "you might get to experience a tornado" and "several billion woodticks can't be wrong."

Porsche road trip. Been there, done that, and didn't need to query for instructions. Pack a suitcase, put it in the little trunk under the hood, put a map or two in the glove box and take off.

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