Friday, September 9

Walking Bridge

This is the new bridge over the river on the trail I walk three or four times a week. Officially it's called the Rotary Centennial Bridge, but we just call it the "new bridge over the river." Thanks to the bridge, the trail is now a 5k loop, so I can go all the way around and back to where I started with no backtracking.

Sometimes I take a friend and we stop for lunch on one of the benches along the trail. Most often I take youngest daughter, and then the pace is fast, fast, fast. No stopping for chit-chat or lunch when she's along!

This afternoon I took just the dog and stopped and let her fetch sticks in the river for a while.

Here's the view from the bridge. The leaves are turning colors, as you can see. It was a beautiful day, one of the first in quite a while that wasn't cool and wet.


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