Tuesday, October 11

Blog Talk: Backlinks

Blogger Knowledge explains what backlinks are and how to get them. I suspect this is the same thing as the G-trackbacks Adrian's been writing about.

I've enabled them, as you can see. [Update:Well, you would have seen them if I'd actually enabled them on this post. Now they should be there.] You'll find them right under the post, next to the permalink and over the Haloscan comments and trackbacks, which I'm going to leave, at least until I see how this system works.

[More update: Carla's enabled them. Let's see if hers work.]

[Yet another update: Adrian says you have to have your feed set to full feed rather than the short one in order for your links to be picked up.]

[The final update, I promise: Oooh, oooh, oooh! They are working. If you're on the main page, you'll have to click on the links to this post to see them.]

[Okay, now you can sue me for going back on my promise: Darren installed backlinks, too.]

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