Thursday, October 13

Charles Spurgeon Quote: Reader's Choice

Two quotes on prayer suggested by Bob:
Spurgeon concluded a sermon on prayer with these words: "Come, dear friends, the Lord hath been mindful of us as a church, and he will bless us. We have obtained, through our Lord Jesus and his Spirit, blessings so large that I can say in your name, we are not worthy of the least of all these mercies. Shall we not use them to God's glory? Yes, more than ever: for we are determined to pray more, and to believe more, and to work more, and to be more full of courage and dauntless resolve that the name and the truth of Jesus shall be made known wherever our voice can be heard. As long as tongues can speak and hearts can beat, God helping us, we will live for Jesus our Lord. We are what Rutherford would call 'drowned debtors'; let us be living lovers. Our ships have gone down in a sea of love till mercy rolls over our topmasts. So be it. So be it. We are swallowed up in an abyss of love. My figure describes us as sinking, but in very truth it is thus we rise by being filled with all the fullness of God."

And more Spurgeon on prayer: "Do we not all find ourselves at times in a cold state in reference to prayer? Brothers, I believe that when we cannot pray it is time that we prayed more than ever; and if you answer, 'But how can that be?; I would say- pray to pray, pray for prayer, pray for the spirit of supplication. Do not be content to say, 'I would pray if I could'; no, but if you cannot pray, pray till you can. He who can row down stream with a flowing tide and a fair wind is but a poor oarsman compared with the man who can pull against wind and tide, and nevertheless make headway. This our soul must endeavor to do. But, beloved, how delicious it is when you can pray, and cannot leave off; when your heart pours forth devotion as the roses shed their odours, or the sun gives his light. I love to feel my soul on the wing like the birds in spring, which are always singing and flitting from bough to bough, full of life and vigor. Oh to have the soul mounting on eagle's wings, and no longer groping in the earth like a mole. To be instant, constant, eager at prayer-this is health, vigor, and delight. To feel the heart in prayer like the chariots of Amminadib, outstripping the wind-this is a joy worth worlds."

Bob has some great quotes from others on prayer, too, but for those you'll have to go read at Gratitude & Hoopla.

October has been officially declared Charles Spurgeon Quote Month on this blog. Do you have a favorite quote from the "Prince of Preachers" that you'd like to see featured? If you do, you can either put it in the comments or email it to me and I'll post it sometime during the month. Better yet, post it on your blog and send me the link and I'll link back to you.

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