Friday, October 28

L. Ron and Me

You fit in with:


Your ideals mostly resemble those of the Scientology faith. You strive to find the truth in all matters, but you also have a lot of faith in people and things. You are very logical, smart and charismatic and you value the truth above all else.

20% scientific.
20% faith-oriented.

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Having seen David Heddle's results, too, I'd say the quizmeister might not understand Scientology.

Or Christianity. Notice how Christianity is completely separated--as far as you can get--from reason. Apparently, if you value reason, you won't be a Christian.

And Tom Cruise, of course, is way more reasonable and scientific than any Christian, right?

Anyway, I give you my solemn oath never to jump on Oprah's sofa.

[Update: Believe it or not, someone just accessed this blog by doing a blogsearch for scientology.]

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