Thursday, October 6

Round the Sphere Again

  • This week's Christian Carnival can be found at Attention Span. And it has a Gilligan's Island theme!

  • Chief Executive Mom discusses God's Eternal Decrees, a subject that always brings lots of discussion. Via Intellectuelle.

  • In Is God Santa Clause?, Allan Myatt of Imago Veritatis asks how people can "count the cost" if a gospel message doesn't include a little bit about what the cost might be.

  • The Crusty Curmudgeon discusses the problems he finds in what he calls Proof by mysticism.

  • Darren of Papercut Theology has a little bone to pick with his church's statement on grace.

  • Apparently it was strange question week in the search query department. First up is why were the puritans frowning so much? What I want to know is how would one know they frowned a lot? Photographs?

    And then there's this: How do you know when you are dead? Hmmm....that's a toughie. Here's a clue though: If you typed that question into the search engine, then you aren't there yet.

    Via the queries I learned this, too: My fifteen minutes of fame are over. Yesterday, if you searched for just "rebecca", I was number 1. Today I've slipped to the third spot.
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