Monday, November 14

Round the Sphere Again

  • Last week's Christian Carnival can be found at Eternal Revolution.

  • Coffee Swirls has hosted a Prayer Carnival.
    I realize that the blogosphere does not meet the qualifications to be a church, but as people of God, Christian bloggers need to be sold out to the infinite value of prayer. It is by praying in Jesus’ name that we tap into a power that is not of this world, relying on God to do that which we are unable to do, all to His glory. It is to this end that I chose to produce a prayer carnival.
  • And while we're on the subject of prayer, Magic Statistics gives us a prayer of Richard Baxter, along with a brief biography of this noncomformist pastor and an explanation of what it meant to be a nonconformist.

  • Last week's cleverest title goes to Why I'm not Bertrand Russell--a post by Steve at Real Clear Theology. In it he examines the arguments in a certain famous essay.

  • David Heddle gives an apology for apologetics.
    Some people believe that since it is the work of the Spirit that converts, we don’t need to engage in apologetics, which is a defense of Christianity....

    The bible teaches differently. We are to be prepared to defend our faith, with gentleness even in the face of hostility, in order to shame those who blaspheme God.
  • You can add a daily new testament passage in Greek to your blog by copying and pasting the code found here. HT to Kim in ON for this.

  • Yukonpics has some wonderful photos of the fall aurora. Like this, this, and this.
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