Thursday, December 15


  • From Wandering Spirit Kennels we have Founder.

  • Kim of The Upward Call has Sally the beagle. I should know his name, but I don't. Good thing this is an updatable post...hint, hint.... Update: Kim posts a picture of the dog and cat together.

  • Phil has a beagle, too. His name is Wrigley, and you'll find his picture at the bottom of the main page.

  • Kim of Hiraeth has two of these: Eve and Ivy.

  • And of course, there's Taffy, my golden retriever.

  • Updates: Chris of Limited Thinking has old man Nixon.

  • Julana of Life in the Slow Lane has a beagle, too: Rosey.

  • Linda's (of Soli Deo Gloria) family has this sweet thing.

  • Sal of Stand Up And Walk has Casey and Winnie, sisters in Christmas crime.

    Have you posted something about your dog? Send me a link to a photo or story and I'll include him/her/it in my dogspotting list.
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