Saturday, January 28


Tagged by Karen for this meme.

Four Jobs You've Had

These are my first four jobs:
  1. Camp counselor
  2. Truck stop gas jockey/bookkeeper
  3. Receptionist/switchboard operator
  4. Paper pusher/form filler-outer

Four Places You've Lived

Okay, so these are the first four places I lived:
  1. Dayton, TN
  2. Belleview, ID
  3. Wheaton, IL
  4. Bemidji, MN

Four Vacations You've Taken
  1. Disneyland
  2. Fishing in Petersburg, AK
  3. Visiting relatives in Minnesota
  4. My uncle's ranch in Idaho

Four Vehicles You've Owned
  1. The Honda Accord in the driveway is the first vehicle that's been in my name, so the others are just vehicles we've owned and I've driven.
  2. 1971 Porsche 914
  3. 1975 GMC Jimmy
  4. 1990 Camry

Four Blogs I Want to Tag

Okay, I shall now annoy some people I know in real life by tagging them:
  1. Kevin
  2. Chris
  3. Scott
  4. Violet (I don't know Violet in real life....yet. But I figure she's the other blogger I'm most likely to meet sometime in real life.)

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