Thursday, February 23

Mixed Results

in international sports.

  • The U. S. men's curling team hailing from my home town lost in the olympic curling semi-finals yesterday, but at least they lost to the Canadian team. The Canadians play for gold or silver tomorrow, and Pete Fenson and his guys (U.S.) play for bronze.

  • The Quest is finished, and Kevin gives the results. He's got olympic hockey results, too, and there's not much to be happy about there for Canadians, but Kevin--ever the optimist--is cheered by the thought of the 2010 Olympics.

    [Update: Hilary and Susan blog some of the Quest as race volunteers and post fun photos of dogs and mushers and Dawson City.]

  • An olympic athlete that Canadians can be proud of is Cindy Klassen, and it isn't just because she's already won four medals. Let Tim tell you a little more.

  • Youngest son left this morning for a basketball tourney in Tok, Alaska, which is an 8-10 hour drive up the Alaska Highway. No results from that yet, and you may think that since Whitehorse is so much bigger than all those little Alaska towns, son's team would be shoe-in winners of the tourney, but not so. Basket ball is the sport in Alaska, so itty-bitty towns can have spectacular teams.

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